Full Waxing Services

Full Leg Waxing

The Full leg with Bikini includes waxing of the entire leg & also includes the bikini area. The Bikini area includes the sides only.

With Bikini

60 Minutes For $85

Without Bikini

45 Minutes For $65




Upper Leg Waxing

With Bikini

60 Minutes For $65

Without Bikini

45 Minutes For $50




Lower Leg Waxing

25 Minutes For $40




Bikini “Regular Sides Only”

This includes two inches on each side of the pubic area, it would be located at the sides of a bathing suit. It also includes one inch off the top.

15 Minutes For $24




Women’s Brazilian Wax

This includes all of the hair in the pubic area, everything in the front, and the hair between the buttocks. Some women choose to leave a small “landing strip” or choose not to do the back. Each of these are still in the realm of a Brazilian wax.

30 Minutes For $55




French Bikini

French Bikini- the entire pubic region is waxed accept for a strip in the center.

30 Minutes For $40




Male Brazilian Wax

A standard Brazilian includes buttocks & buttocks crack, scrotum, shaft and mound, leaving you feeling completely smooth and clean both front and back. Some men choose to leave a small patch of hair above the shaft.

60 Minutes For $75




Full Body Wax

This full body wax includes, full face, full legs, buttocks, back and full arms. Starts at $199.00.

60 Minutes For $199




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